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Lucrethia Sans Serif Font

Lucrethia Font

The debate over which fonts are better is always ongoing. Some prefer serif fonts because they offer more of an artistic touch while sans fonts hold a distinctive design without the need for embellishments. But the truth is art is created by the combination of everything that is different and that’s why our daily resources mix both types of fonts. However, today we’re sharing this sans serif font created and shared by Onedsgn.

Lucrethia, despite its minimalistic designs and straight lines, forces a stunning presence regardless of where it is used. You can see the appealing symmetry of the letter designs whether they’re used in words, full sentences, or titles. This is why creating logos using different sizes of this typeface combined with simple illustrations would be suitable for a number of branding projects including magazines, business cards, signs, etc. It can also be used for posters, banners, ads, postcards, t-shirt designs, and many others.

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