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Lifeguard Vector Icons (AI)

Lifeguard Vector Icons

Water is always an unknown entity. It is full of mysteries that present themselves under the surface like the undertow that can drag you down as the wave resides, or suddenly deep areas where the ground is unexpectedly out of reach. Strong tides, high waves and a multitude of other events can catch you unaware and present an unexpected danger. Lifeguards provide hope for us in life and death situations and put their skill of navigating the waters with speed to the test when it is most needed, so that they can rescue those stranded far from shore and help them back to safety.

Set of icons displaying lifeguard factors and relating to water safety and rescue. These illustrations have been created in Adobe Illustrator and are available for you to download and use for free in your work that relates to water safety and the fantastic work that lifeguards do in protecting and saving hundreds of people throughout the summer months.

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