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Less Sans Free Minimal Typeface

Less Sans Font

Designs and trends in our modern era are becoming simpler and simpler every day. We often hear people use the term “minimalism” or “minimalistic” to describe their style or inspiration. Minimalism is a modern art movement that conveys simplicity and its motto is “less is more”; that’s why we notice artists using white space and simple light/minimal elements in their projects (whether it’s fashion, print design, digital art, home décor, furniture…). Before minimalism, design was very decorative; artists experimented with a lot of clothing fabric and mixed them together (example: Victorian art), they used borders and heavy fonts in print and tried to decorate their homes with as much furniture and accessories as possible.

Today’s freebie is Less Sans, a minimal typeface created by Graphic Pear. As its name obviously implies, Less Sans is a simple minimal typeface that you could use for all sorts of projects. It’s available in 3 different weights: light, regular, and bold, in a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and glyphs. It’s perfect for modern branding projects, logo design, poster design, text, magazine/book design (inside and out), social media post, print accessories, and whatever project that you could think of.

Less Sans Font Less Sans Font Less Sans Font Less Sans Font Less Sans Font Less Sans Font Less Sans Font Less Sans Font Less Sans Font

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