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Labor Union Serif Font

Labor Union Serif Font

As a community of designers, visual artists and art aficionados, we can unanimously agree that a good typeface goes a long way. Typography nerds will be the first to point out that all typefaces should serve a deliberate purpose, most often integrating text to fit the overall design, to communicate a message as clearly as possible, or to convey a memorable aesthetic. An ill-chosen or careless font can certainly make or break a headline. But sometimes the impact that a font has can also go much further than simple aesthetics and readability.

Such is the case with Labor Union, a vintage serif typeface which was designed by McLetters for Ithaca College’s student-run group, Students for Labor Action. The motto of the group is to fight for the fair treatment of the college employees, and they work in collaboration with their local county’s worker union.

Keeping in mind the noble cause for which the font was created, Labor Union is a typeface with immense potential. It is a strong font, well-suited for pieces of content that should be seen, read and given a chance to make an impact. Thus, it is now being offered as a free font for you all to enjoy and use to make your content be seen.

In addition to this, you’d be glad to learn that Labor Union supports 85 different languages with Latin and Cyrillic characters, and comes with uppercase characters, numerals and punctuations. No matter what your language be, no matter what your purpose be – Labor Union is sure to add a lot more personality and gravitas to whatever message you’re looking to communicate.

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