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Kumbh Sans Typeface

Kumbh Sans Typeface

The world stands on balance, and its bigger picture is always easily well-perceived because of the balance of its different components. And any design you create stands on the same concept, a smaller self-sustaining world that needs the balance of all its elements including its texts, and this is where Kumbh comes in!

Kumbh is a sans font family introduced with a commercial license by Saurabh Sharma. Would you like a friendly display or an authoritative tone? Well, with Kumbh, you can have both since it comes with 2 weights: regular and bold in addition to 386+ glyphs with open type Latin pro character set. Versatile in all of its presentations, this free font family holds a geometric, near-monoline display with sharp corners and smooth letterforms for confident results that increase the reader’s readability on screen.

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