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Klor Free Multipurpose Icons Set (AI)

Multipurpose Icons

Icons are everywhere and it’s hard to find a user interface that lacks them given how easy they are to identify and to work with. And including them in designs has never been so simple with the number of platforms that present already-made icons that are one-click away and ready for instant usage. And if a new set of icons is what you’re here for, then you’ll be delighted to know that Klor is finally here.

This is Klor, a varied multipurpose icon set presented by Agate Avetisyan. Leave your details and texts behind, adding these icons to your UX and UI projects as they feature designs for the home screen, and for apps and features available on every smartphone such as contacts, messages, location, calendar, alarm, games, etc. And because icons are all about options, this collection brings you 3 with its styles. So you can find line icons for a light display that allows the background to shine, fill icons for a more present design that can be easily noticed, as well as layered icons for a more complex presentation and a colorful tone.

Multipurpose Icons 2

Multipurpose Icons 3

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