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Khepri Egyptian Typeface

Khepri Egyptian Typeface

Ancient Egyptians gave us an opportunity to see thousands of beautiful texts written with images, all thanks to their beautiful hieroglyphs. Their unified aesthetics made it possible for complex texts to become readable: not to mention, pleasant to look at. It created harmony within all of the hieroglyphs no matter who the writer was.

It’s the mysterious beauty that surrounds Egyptian culture as well as the power of their hieroglyphs to still remain as relevant as ever even after all this time, which has led to people experimenting and incorporating their aesthetics into their art, designs and typefaces. Our today’s offering, Khepri is one such sans serif typeface which draws inspiration from Egyptian hieroglyphs and gives it a modern twist, which inherits the same magical ability to captivate people from the get go. Designed by Ochaya Designs, each character of Khepri has been designed to possess its own unique personality, while still standing out from one another. Not only does this versatile typeface work perfectly as a standalone font in designs, it can also serve as the font you use for your titular headings for posters, books and other print designs, pairing it up with other fonts that you deem fit.

The typeface packs all the alphabets in uppercase, along with numerals and punctuations. You can choose to use either the clean version of the typeface or the textured version, depending upon what serves your design needs the best. If you’re looking to bring the enigma of Egyptian culture to your designs, Khepri won’t disappoint!

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