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Kenfolg Serif Font

Kenfolg Font

Although a number of individuals practice the art of calligraphy, there are simply certain ways of writing that people cannot recreate by hand, especially those seen with fonts. But there’s no need to worry because you can still add these different and creative ways by using typefaces like the ones we provide here on Unblast.

This is the Kenfolg serif font created by Made Type that comes in OTF format. It offers sharp letters that give a classic look, so it’s more than ideal for book covers, particularly novels and even non-fiction works since it shows a heavy presence on paper, and it can also be used for magazines, brochures, branding designs, advertisements logos, posters, quotes, invitation cards etc. The simplicity carried by all the characters including the numbers and punctuations reflects elegance, which is exactly what you need to transform your next design into a luxurious piece of art.

Kenfolg Font 1

Kenfolg Font 2

Kenfolg Font 4

Kenfolg Font 5

Kenfolg Font 6

Kenfolg Font 7

Kenfolg Font 7

Kenfolg Font Multilingual

Kenfolg Font Numbers

Kenfolg Font Letters

Kenfolg Font 8

Kenfolg Font 9

Kenfolg Font Date

Kenfolg Font 10

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