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Kage Serif Font

Kage Serif Font

Writing is an art. Sketching, drawing, illustrating, and many other delightful forms of art come together to give us books, graphic novels, drawing books, etc. And while some people fail to see the artists in between, the artists that take care of the details, create the covers, and design the fonts, we know that their role in these projects is undeniable. So for a font that will capture the essence of your project while keeping its splendid design, we share Kage from Balibilly Design.

Kage is a serif family that really puts on a show with curvy ends and smooth edges. Its graceful design shines not just with its letters but with its numbers as well. And because all designers enjoy having a selection of options, you’ll find over 160 alternates and ligatures, with some characters including sublime swashes that look effortless as much as they look elegant. Some characters are quite extravagant, but if you still want to kick it up a notch, you can combine the standard letters with the fabulous alternates included. Kage can be download as a free demo version, but to truly experience the serif font, you’ll have to check out the premium version that gives you access to multiple styles varying from thin and light to bold and black with every weight in between.

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