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Insects Vector Illustrations – Insecta

Insecta Illustrations

Insects are under appreciated and most people despise them, but have you ever wondered what would happen if insects magically poofed into thin air and disappeared from our environment? The world would be a disaster and we’d drown in our own natural wastes! Insects help dispose and break down wastes, they help pollinate flowers, and they’re also the sole food sources to lots of animals (mammals, reptiles, birds…).  So they are natural “helpers” and to be fair not all of them are gross; imagine a flower garden without colorful butterflies and ladybugs, or Halloween without spider webs, and it can be even worse, imagine a world without bees = without honey.

In honor of those tiny little creatures, we’re sharing this cute Insecta vector illustration set by Pixel Buddha. It’s a set of 20 vintage vector bugs that you could customize according to your own concept, and they’re available in Ai and PNG format. You can use them for your logo design, banners, Entomology books, packaging, and all sorts of print accessories.

Insect Illustrations

Insect Illustrations

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