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Illustrator Vector Illustration (AI)

Illustrator Vector Illustration

There’s a theory that says a messy desk encourages a creative mind. As a designer, would your office be as tidy as this guy’s office? While some people tend to keep a bulletin board to stick their ideas to, others tend to scatter their sketches, photographs, cameras, pencils, papers, and coloring pens all over the place.

Some people may have a higher mess/tidiness threshold than others. We are all different, but this is not a means to compare workflow and productivity. The illustrator in the vector illustration we showcase today is an example of the tidy ones. Working neatly on his desktop with a cup of coffee in hand, he is not scared he’ll spill it over his work and ideas pinned to the bulletin board behind him! You can download this free vector file and edit it in Adobe Illustrator to include it in a range of printed and digital designs, whether it’s a storyboard, website landing page, blog, or a flyer to an office event!

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