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Hugolers Serif Font

Hugolers Serif Font

Languages were developed to communicate and they’re widely used, even with their differences, to bring us closer together. And although in the beginning, the main focus was on the message itself, whether it was delivered orally or in writing, today, other aspects come into play affecting both the message and the perception of the viewer. So when you want the interest of your readers to fall on the elegant font you use and the message you want to deliver, you can use Moovied.Co’s stylish serif font, Hugolers.

Hugolers lets modernity appear in your projects not just with its stunning character design but with its alternates and ligatures that bring you more options for your texts and the ability to make each letter count. Magazine titles, logotypes, blogs, journals, posters, typography art, cards, choose where you want Hugolers to show its vivid display and make the trip as magical as it can be. Download the free version, or get the premium version which, in addition to the full set of characters, includes 25 floral illustrations presented as Eps/Ai files.

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