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Hamsterly Script Font

Hamsterly Script Font

A font, just like the rest of the elements within a design, has to match its theme. And unless they’re made to stand out, these elements will come together to form one exceptional presentation that can entertain viewers and inform them when possible. So if you have a luxurious and sophisticated design in mind, then Hamsterly is what you’ll need for that stylish display.

The calligraphy script font from Nih Studio features a classic brush style, and its handwritten designs connect the readers to it, creating a sort of familiarity that both customers and artists will love. Hamsterly celebrates this connection with dashing ligatures, alternates, and refined swashes that can decorate invitations and business cards. And while the uppercase letters are iconic in every angle, the lowercase letters are less imposing and allow for an elegant presence that still holds the classic features you want in a font and that can be used in subheadings, menus, stationery projects, etc.

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