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Group Chat Vector Illustration (AI)

Group Chat Illustration

Online chat has created a convenience that has enabled us to communicate with our neighbors who are closeby, to our friends across the world. The impact it has had on the business world is phenomenal and has transformed it into one that has no borders.

But there is also another sector that has a need for online chat, and that is the everyday person. If you live across the seas from a loved one, you would unquestionably understand the important role that online chat plays in our lives.

Even in a domestic sense, online chat has become something that we depend upon for communication, as much as the phone. With social distancing currently in effect in many places around the world, online chat helps people to stay in contact and helps them to avoid the difficulties associated with isolation.

This online illustration shows three people communicating via online chat in an online chat group and this is portrayed through the multiple talk bubbles and paper airplanes that are showing the movement of live talk being transferred from person to person.

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