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Grosella Monoline Typeface

Grosella Monoline Typeface

Certain projects require extravagance and a design so complicated, viewers don’t know where to look, but some let the expectations of the viewers speak for themselves, with excitement growing from what the business itself has to offer. So, when you want a typeface that gives you that kind of image, one that you can control with ease, you can feature this new font from Hielman Nur Addin in your next project.

Made with love, Grosella is a monoline typeface inspired by simplicity and balance, and because balance can only be present when the different elements match each other, you’ll find that all of Grosella’s letters, including the multi-lingual characters, are thin and stylish with no serifs to disturb the view. The mark of elegance is not a fantasy and it’s finally obtainable with this resource which can be used for elegant branding and packaging designs where quality is needed like accessories and jewelry brands, cosmetics products, and magazines.

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