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Graphic Design Workstation Illustration (AI)


Graphic Design Workstation IllustrationNo matter if you’re just starting out in your graphic design career, or you’re a seasoned professional, you know that to provide your clients with the best visuals and design products requires using the right tools as well as the correct ambience. This is where your design workstation comes into picture, equipping you with not only the most powerful hardware and softwares in the game, but also offering unmatched comfort that is required to trigger creativity, efficiency and design thinking.

Our graphic design workstation illustration displays one such workspace, featuring an iMac workstation with external speakers and other design tools systematically arranged on a desk with ambient lighting. The desk has plants around it to make designing a pleasant experience for the designer, as well as pictures and collectibles arranged on a shelf above the workstation to make the presentation beautiful and realistic. Offered as a vector illustration designed in Adobe Illustrator, our beautiful resource is free to download and can find its use in print designs as well as digital designs.

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