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Gaia Condensed Font

Gaia Condensed Font

Gaia is known as the personification of Earth in Greek Mythology, one of the primordial deities that gave birth to a new world order. And the Gaia we bring today is not the goddess herself but a font worthy of her stature.

Presenting Gaia, a free condensed font designed to surprise and amaze. This font is not for the easily impressed as it brings unique designs with sharply curved letters and narrow widths that travel across its characters. With its geometric shapes, readers might even struggle with some of its letters and numbers without a context, making Gaia an enjoyable option for instantly recognizable logotypes. Build a small city of your own with Gaia, where each character can hold its own ground, pairing it with a sans serif font that meets it halfway with simplicity, and use your creations for video games designs, album covers, headers and banners, and plenty of other projects since the condescend typeface designed by Qendrim Uka is available for personal and commercial usage.

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Gaia Font 2

Gaia Condensed Font 2

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