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Fulbo Sans Serif Font

Fulbo Font

When a font is designed to meet certain expectations, a lot of effort is put into its details in order to meet the intended end results. Take a look at this Fulbo sans serif free typeface for example.

Created by Alejo Bergmann and Emmanuel Baldor with sports jerseys in mind, it presents a spectacular set of characters for clear and visible projects. Unlike other fonts, Fulbo pays great attention to its numbers which come in 5 different styles: argenta for classic designs, as well as tano, premier, retro, and champagne that introduce distinctive designs with special effects. Pick one style or a selection of 2 or more and use them for your dates, position numbers, and logos. This collection combined with the set of letters, symbols, and punctuations can also be used for apparel designs for athletes and football players, posters, flyers, branding and packaging designs, etc. The multilingual font supports over 30 languages including Spanish, Italian, and German.

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