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Free Wrinkled A4 Mockup (PSD)

Wrinkled A4 Mockup

Some resources can be unconventional, and some might even refer to them as peculiar, but that just adds to their appeal. And if a resource captivates the viewers on its own, imagine what it can do combined with your creations.

This is why we’re presenting this transparent A4 mockup shared by LS Graphics. The surface shown in the mockup is wrinkled, so you need to be careful with what kind of project you’d like to display using it. It’s best to include writings with big letters and to focus more on visuals like pictures and photographs rather than detailed information. The high-resolution fabric with its changeable background and adjustable shadows and reflections can be easily edited using Adobe Photoshop CC+, making it a useful tool that you can use for your flag designs, logos, color combinations, images, or anything you’d like to display on a large surface either horizontally or vertically.

Wrinkled A4 Mockup 1

Wrinkled A4 Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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