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Free Workspace Poster Mockup (PSD)

Workspace Poster Mockup

Sometimes your design is the prima donna of the show. Other times, it’s one of many components that make a scene brilliant. When you use a tool so high-quality and with so much personality like this workspace poster mockup by Amazing Mockups, your designs take on a less selfish purpose.

The scene is absolutely gorgeous. The modern look of the workspace combined with the perfect lighting make your designs fit naturally. 2 Posters sit in the center of the images slightly above the desk and make a statement as beautiful and subtle as the Mona Lisa’s smile. This template is also available in 2 separate modes: a bright one by day and a cozy dark one by night. Make use of this masterfully designed look to showcase your best artwork. This mockup comes in 2 separate 3000 x 2200px PSD files.

Workspace Poster Mockup 1

Workspace Poster Mockup 2

Workspace Poster Mockup 4

Workspace Poster Mockup 3

File Adobe Photoshop
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