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Free Wooden Flash Disc Mockup (PSD)

Wooden Flash Disc Mockup

Some files are too big to be sent by email, and that’s when we go back to our beloved flash drives. But just because we have to do the simple task of exchanging files doesn’t mean we can’t do it in style.

This free mockup shared by Amir Ivanov showcases an open flash disk that displays the drive itself and the detailed wooden designs of its case. Create a personalized tool for your firm or business or let your cinematic fascinations take over with minimalistic artwork and logos inspired by your favorite movies. From simple designs created with serif fonts to engraved and well-crafted artwork, your graphics can be easily added via Adobe Photoshop. And if extreme realism is something you’d like to experiment with, why not edit the background and present your flash drive on a desk?

Wooden Flash Disc Mockup 2

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