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Free Wide Billboard Mockup (PSD)

Wide Billboard Mockup

There are small victories and huge accomplishments, and the latter are the ones that need to be put out there in order for the world to take a step forward. And to proudly participate in this cycle, we decided to add this new mockup from Divyen Bhadeshiya to our collection of free resources.

The concept of this mockup is simple: realistic with no need for editing other than the insertion of the designs themselves. The rectangular space can be customized and used for ads, images, and branding designs, and the mockup as a whole can even be added to websites and online shops for more fun announcements. The bright sky is where all dreams go so we had to make sure to include it in this PSD mockup where your creative genius is balanced with the reality we live in.

Wide Billboard Mockup 2

Free Download free download Category Billboards Software / Format ps Posted : 27 Nov, 2019 5,346 Views