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Free Weather Icons Set

Weather Icons

If you really sit down and think about it, the way the weather works is absurd. The fact that someone could be burning under the sun in shorts on one side of the world while another could barely move because of the number of layers they’re wearing is weird. And to help you visualize these enjoyable differences, here is the weather icons font set brought to you by Pixeden.

The set consists of 208 weather-related icons with fun designs for you to add to your projects. The scalable vectors allow an easy customization process, so simply choose any size, style, and colors available in CSS that work best with your ideas. The font’s usage of the Private Use Area of Unicode allows it to stay clear and visible at all times so it won’t show any weird symbols. And if you think that that’s all, think again. This amazing set can also be imported with a .json file into IcoMoon App font generator to add with other fonts in order to create your own new one!

Weather Icons Weather Icons Weather Icons Weather Icons Weather Icons

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