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Free Virtual Reality Vector Icons Part 02 (Ai)

Virtual Reality Vector Icons

We’ve reached a point where not only can we travel to another country but also to another reality thanks to VR. And although researchers are always at work, designers felt the need to swoop in and be a part of this mind-blowing development with the second part of the virtual reality icons collection from Graphic Pear.

Brightly colored and simple, these icons offer the experience of VR without its expenses with art that showcase their equipment and uses. For easy usage, each of the 16 vector icons included in the freebie can be exported and customized via Adobe Illustrator. Their designs allow them to be used for decoration and for the introduction of simple concepts related to virtual reality for websites, applications, manuals, etc. You can even use them for convention bracelets, cards, and apparel items. And if you’re interested in similar resources, you can check out the first part of these VR icons right here on Unblast!

Virtual Reality Vector Icons 2

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