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Free Vinyl Disc Mockup (PSD)

Vinyl Disc Mockup

If you’re not a vinyl buyer yourself or know someone who collects them, you probably haven’t realized that they’re actually coming back! What one might assume to be items only bought by collectors are more popular than ever. So as the arts of the past converge with those of today, we share this vinyl disk mockup.

Designed by Estefanía Fernández, it showcases a handheld presentation featuring both the album cover in full display and the record as well with reflective highlights for realistic results. In 2019, 26% of all physical albums sold in the US were vinyl, and with the increase in sales, quality should be maintained with the items as well as their designs. Bring back a feeling of nostalgia with classic album covers for bands and musicians remembered by history or let modern artists experience the aesthetic appeal and music quality that CDs and tapes do not offer. And feel free to also showcase engaging branding presentations for label records with this free mockup.

Vinyl Disc Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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