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Free Twin Vertical Table Tents Mockup (PSD)

Twin Vertical Table Tents Mockup

I’m sure we’ve all been to restaurants and bars and seen the small triangle cards sitting on the tables. And we would bet that just about every time you see one on your table, you grab it and look at the message. With the use of custom table tents, your audience is at your fingertips. They are sitting there, willing and waiting, for you to give them something to view. That is why tabletop marketing is so effective.

A marketing tool as effective as this calls for creativity, and if you have some design ideas that you would like to bring to life, look no further than this PSD mockup from Graphic Pear! Featuring twin vertical table tents placed on a plain surface, the mockup allows for your design to shine out in its entirety. Stylish and simple, this realistic mockup allows you to easily place your designs into it using smart object layers to achieve a high-resolution presentation that you can highlight on your portfolio, in advertisements, and much more. Download it for free today!

Twin Vertical Table Tents Mockup 2

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