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Free Twin Modern Interior Posters Mockup (PSD)

Twin Modern Interior Posters Mockup

Belongingness, although some may disagree, is not an attribute limited to human beings. Spirits belong, inanimate objects belong, and art belongs. And we’re lucky to say that art can comfortably belong in the following setting.

Presented at 5000 × 3750 pixels resolution is the interior twin posters PSD mockup which showcases in high-quality 2 posters placed on a wooden floor, suitable for branding as well as artistic purposes. Share identical designs and highlight your chosen color scheme and fonts and let the eye of the viewer drift to your background choices or present subtle differences that elevate the content provided whether it’s a branding design for a cosmetics company, an advertisement for an art gallery, or a black and white selection of photographs. This mockup from Poster Mockup also offers an easy editing experience via the smart object layers.

Twin Modern Interior Posters Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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