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Free Transparent Bottle in Hand Mockup (PSD)

Transparent Bottle in Hand Mockup

Generally speaking, there are two types of mockups. Ones that are special and unique in every possible way. And others that you like to and actually use on nearly every project. There is no shame in using the same reliable graphics over and over if they let you showcase your work in the best light.

This transparent bottle in hand mockup is one of those good old dependable ones from Mr. Mockup. Your beverage branding project can use this, so can your packaging or even your corporate identity presentation. It can and will come in handy enough times to pay for its price a few times over – except that it is free. So, make sure to grab it, stick your design on it, and add it to your next unique project. This mockup comes in a single high-resolution PSD file.

Transparent Bottle in Hand Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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