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Free Storage Management Dashboard Template (Sketch)

Storage Management Dashboard Template

Complete control, not a concept that everyone is familiar with but one that everyone dreams of. Well, with the right designs, this isn’t a dream anymore. This is Drive, a storage management dashboard concept, beautifully crafted and designed by Bhavna Kashyap.

Creating a platform is a long process and this is the tool to get inspired. It’s not enough to enable users to access their files, the organization has to be appealing as it is practical. That’s why this resource has colorful illustrations for a friendly vibe and organized designs to get the job done. Allow your folders and files to find a home that is as cozily decorated as yours, let your users be introduced to a controlled design, and build a platform that gives access to folders and their management, dates, storage, and tasks.

Storage Management Dashboard Template 2

Free Download free download Category Dashboards Software / Format sk Posted : 23 Mar, 2020 2,945 Views