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Free Startup Vector Icons – Part 01 (AI)

Startup Vector Icons

Everyone has ideas. Some ideas are not so good, while some are pretty decent. Even with a great idea, there is a difference between having an awesome idea and creating a successful startup. To start a startup, there are lots of things that come together nicely, but an important and crucial one is how people see your startup or business. Your brand designs are important. If you want to work on your startup, or work for someone’s, here is a free resource from Unblast, to help your journey.

We have 25 startup vector icons set for personal and commercial use. Add them to your collection and use for logo design, website, app design, prints, and any business-related design. Since it’s available in AI vector format, you can scale to any size you want, change the colors, and place nicely for any design you have to come up with. Download and enjoy!!

File Adobe Illustrator Personal & Commercial Use
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