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Free Square Brochure Mockup (PSD)

Square Brochure Mockup

A project as complex as a brochure needs a detailed mockup to effectively show all the different parts included in it and the hard work the artist put into it. It needs to show all of its angles clearly and stylishly, and that’s why today’s freebie is this square brochure mockups collection provided by Mockups Design.

The set consists of 7 templates that showcase different angles and perspectives that present both the front and the back of the brochure. You have more than one with the simple opened brochure look that puts your designs in a realistic environment, as well as 3 closed brochures on top of each other to help you display the cover. And the best part is that they are so easy to edit! This convenient square shape combined with your colors and your original work will leave your viewer speechless.

Square Brochure Mockup Back Cover

Square Brochure Mockup Opened

Square Brochure Mockup Cover

Square Brochure Mockup Inside

Square Brochure Mockup Cover

Square Brochure Mockup

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