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Free Square Bifold Brochure Mockup (PSD)

Bifold Brochure Mockup

Did you know our whole perception of beauty is based on symmetry? The human eye finds it pleasing when everything is symmetrical and centered. Our brain also love symmetry in design because visual balance feels familiar to us, it feels relevant (since we find it everywhere in nature). That’s why most people prefer square shaped objects or symmetrical artworks because it just makes more sense to them.

Today’s freebie is a two square bi-fold brochure or greeting card PSD mockup created by Yeven Popov. You can use it to present your design in a professional and realistic way. The mockup will give your clients an exact version and show them how your brochure or card design is going to look like from both sides. It’s perfect for branding projects, brochures, invitation cards, menus, and web presentations.

Bifold Brochure Mockup

File Adobe Photoshop
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