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Free Spray Seamless Patterns (PSD, PNG)

Spray Seamless Patterns

A simple illustration or design may not make a difference, and 2 or 3 may not have the desired effect you want (if they present a noticeable effect at all) but when you showcase multiple elements at once, then the change can be easily seen, so don’t wait around for the right elements anymore and let us bring them to you with this set of 12 patterns, designed by Pixel Buddha.

These spray seamless patterns were created with stencils, spray paint, and jaunty motifs, presenting you with a grungy display. And with the collection of classic symbols and shapes (lighting bolts, hearts, stars, water drops), they give an exciting vibe that brings out the child in you. Because the most exciting designs come with colors, you can engage your viewers with your color selection, adding your creative results to notebook covers, bookmarks, illustrations, pillows, scrapbooks, t-shirts, and other apparel items and projects.

Spray Seamless Patterns 1

Spray Seamless Patterns

Spray Seamless Patterns 3

Spray Seamless Patterns 4

Free Download free download Category Patterns Software / Format ps Posted : 10 Nov, 2020 990 Views