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Free Smart Tent Calendar Mockup (PSD)

Tent Calendar Mockup

With our busy lives, there are too many things happening at once, but forgetting something, although understandable, is unacceptable most of the time. And for an organized schedule that doesn’t bore with the details, people can use calendars that allow them to always be aware of upcoming plans. And because a tent calendar is highly practical and used by most professionals, we share this mockup from Mockups Design.

The freebie includes 3 angles for the calendar, so you can display your designs for the front and inner sides. Easily insert your layout for the months, sharing 1 or 2 months per panel, and set the colors to your liking. And with the main concern of the project out of the way, you can showcase artwork to the side of the calendar with natural photographs or illustrations that make the daily experience brighter, or with branding designs for corporations or educational institutions that pride themselves on structure and coordination.

Tent Calendar Mockup 2

Tent Calendar Mockup 3

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