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Free Simple iPhone XR Mockup (PSD)

Colored iPhone Xr Mockup

Apple never ceases to amaze us with their new products! Whenever we thought “this is it, no device can ever top this certain iPhone” (for example), Apple surprises us and proves us wrong. And if you’ve been a loyal iPhone user over the years, then you’ve surely experienced how divine Apple products really are. And speaking of divine, the iPhone XR’s beauty speaks for itself.

So in honor of all the iPhone users out there, we’re bringing you a free iPhone XR PSD mockup that you could use to present your website, app or wallpaper design. It’s a vector PSD with 6 different colors that will allow you to take your application design presentation to a whole new level! It will satisfy your inner Apple obsession and will impress all your clients (even the Android audience). You can use this PSD mockup to display your photo, lock screen wallpaper, or application design in a stylish and unique way. It’s perfect for advertisements, and web presentations. Thanks to Pixeden for sharing this time saving unique iPhone XR mockup.

Colored iPhone Xr Mockup Black iPhone XR Mockup Blue iPhone XR Mockup Coral iPhone XR Mockup Red iPhone XR Mockup White iPhone XR Mockup Yellow iPhone XR Mockup

File Adobe Photoshop
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