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Free Simple iPhone X Mockups (PSD)

Simple iPhone X Mockup

There are things and manners of living which are common to a lot of people around the globe. And off the top of our heads, we can name the most used electronic device out there: the mobile phone. These devices come in all shapes and forms, but today’s special mockups bring to our viewers a collection of Apple iPhones X presented from a top point of view.

These free resources shared by LS Graphics showcase 5 iPhones with two screens in full view for a detailed presentation while the rest of them add an artistic touch that pokes the curiosity and the interest of the viewers. Coming in 6000 x 4500 pixels resolution, the mockups can be customized via Adobe Photoshop and Sketch to display a mixture of your favorite colors and innovative designs including artwork and wallpaper, websites, applications, mobile font, etc.

Simple iPhone X Mockup 2

Simple iPhone X Mockup 2

Free Download free download Category Mockups Software / Format ps Posted : 12 Aug, 2019 3,620 Views