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Free Seamless Vector People Pattern (Ai)

Seamless People Pattern

Our lives are, in every way possible, connected. From designers sitting behind their screens to random strangers hitting it off with a conversation about their pets, we can always find the connection if we look close enough, and our newest resource is a marvelous representation of this connection that takes on a physical form.

These are the people vector patterns that, once used, showcase a seamless design suitable even for large surfaces. The freebie displays iconic figures mixed with four different colors, white, blue, green, and light pink, that successfully highlight the simplicity and trendiness of these figures. A big thank you goes to Design Zone for providing this tool that you can include in packaging designs, gift boxes, wrapping paper, t-shirts, mugs, take-away cups, notebook covers, brochures, or even general backgrounds.

Seamless People Vector Pattern

File Adobe Illustrator
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