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Free Seamless Japanese Patterns (EPS)

Japanese Patterns

Japan offers its residents and the countries that surround it a unique culture that can be seen with its food, clothes, and arts. And thanks to the way the world functions now, this spectacular culture is only one click away with these Japanese patterns created and shared by Natalia Smirnova.

A masterpiece on their own, these patterns can be downloaded and added to wallpaper, notebook covers, frames, pillowcases, bed sheet designs, and apparel items or they can be used as a background for posters and flyers or for packaging projects, accessories, and dishware. You can even use them to bring astounding color combinations to your illustrations and comics or to ads that simply require you to insert the pattern with the logos and texts. The 5 patterns are seamless and provided in EPS and JPG formats so they can be easily added to your projects.

Japanese Pattern 1

Japanese Pattern 2

Japanese Pattern 3

Japanese Pattern 4

Japanese Pattern 5

Japanese Patterns in Use

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