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Free Scientific Poster Powerpoint Templates (PPT)

Scientific Poster Powerpoint Templates

Research is always on-going in the hopes of improving our ways of living and practices, even if they’re on a small personal scale. So for academic persons, students, and organizations that want to present their newest research but have no access to softwares like Photoshop or Illustrator, Frahna Karim created a tool for the everyday man, one that only requires simple office tools like PowerPoint.

Take your pick from these scientific poster templates and share a professional infographic presentation with each one. The download includes 3 posters, 1 of which features a simple design with 4 similar sections while the other 2 focus more on the different subdivisions a professional research demands. Start with your eye-catching title, then establish your process with the already organized design. A simple route is never an option when your viewers are interested in so much more. So don’t spare the details and follow the proper research sections which include the introduction, material, results, discussion, and conclusion, adding images and other visual elements that make the understanding easier, and present the concerned party or organization responsible for the project, as well as the name of the researcher and the dates.

Scientific Poster Powerpoint Template 2

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