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Free Sandwich Blackboard Mockup (PSD)

Sandwich Blackboard Mockup

Le plat du jour, or in other words, the dish of the day, has gained popularity over the years. Customers jump at the opportunity of having something new every day and we’re only here to help you introduce these offers to the public with this sandwich board mockup created by Baiju Design.

The blackboard with its wooden frame can be used for new drinks and dishes as well as happy hour and special offers, and even chalk artwork. The corresponding shadow presents the board from a realistic point of view so the latter can be showcased in an isolated setting or against a personalized background in the middle of the street or in front of a shop/ pizzeria/ bar, etc. This process will only take you a few moments since all you need for an easy editing experience is Adobe Photoshop.

Sandwich Blackboard Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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