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Free Samsung Galaxy S9 Mockup (PSD)

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mockup

When creating a project that needs to appear on a phone, a lot of designers pick mockups that showcase their own phones or phones released by the same company. This is generally not done on purpose, but it’s still important to make sure that your projects include a diverse set of electronic devices. Bringing you today the Samsung Galaxy S9 mockup created and shared by Yash Ranpara. Ranpara includes in his design a highly realistic phone set from a top point of view.

This phone, originally released in February of 2018, can hold anything from websites for movies or restaurants (with menus) to applications for reading e-books and online news or even for photo editing. Not to mention of course the images that you can include with captions for social media posts. Influencers can use this PSD mockup to see how their posts will look like once published, brands will see how their ads will look like live, and you will see how our free resources and tools always deliver.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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