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Free Rose iPhone Mockup (PSD)

Rose iPhone Mockup

“Of all flowers, methinks a rose is best”, well Shakespeare, so do we. Rose, whether we use it to refer to the flowers or to the color, is a word that holds within its letters a beautiful impression, just like the mockup of today. This is the iPhone 6S rose gold mockup provided by Pixeden.

The different placement of the iPhones (front, perspective, three-quarter view) included in the resource gives you the ability to showcase your ideas and designs from more than one angle, and allows the viewer to experience the project as if it’s real. Show your web designs and ads in style with these easy to customize PSD templates. The soft and simple color of the device works perfectly with projects that require an elegant touch such as perfume and jewelry ads.

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Rose iPhone Mockup

Rose iPhone Mockup

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Software / Format ps Posted : 26 Dec, 2018 3,100 Views