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Free Regular Book Mockup (PSD)

Regular Book Mockup

From reading for pleasure to studying, people are required to use books on a daily basis. And since there’s no way out, might as well start embracing the fact that books are here to stay, so why not help in offering them unique designs with eye-catching elements?

This is the free regular book mockup shared by Mockups Design and it includes five different scenes that you can edit to create a full elaborate project for textbooks and manuals as well as artwork collections and encyclopedias. These scenes enable you to present your designs for the front and the back cover, the spine, and even some of the pages on the inside. You can customize this PSD mockup via Adobe Photoshop to include the colors scheme, the fonts for the titles and texts, the types of images used, and the main organization layout.

Regular Book Mockup 2

Regular Book Mockup 3

Regular Book Mockup 4

Regular Book Mockup 5

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