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Free Rectangle Icons (Figma)

Rectangle Figma Icons

Icons are an indispensable part of UI design – something we’re affected and surrounded by every single day. What makes icons particularly special is perhaps the fact that their meaning can be understood without having to add any text or further details. Only a designer knows how much effort goes into creating icons that are not only simple and expressive, but also follow a systematic set of guidelines that impart the entire design visual consistency.

Today, we have for you a set of 12 rectangular system icons that are specifically suited for enterprise digital solutions, be it websites or apps. Whether it is a collaboration platform, a document creation app or an e-mail service – this collection has the right icons for you. Designed using a consistent pixel grid of 48 x 40 px with 4 px borders, the icons stick to the material design guidelines to achieve a symmetrical and consistent look by making use of minimal forms. All the icons are available in an editable Figma file, wherein you can customize them and export them in a format of your choice.

A big shout-out to Giedrius Jaloveckas for bringing this versatile set to our notice!

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