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Free Realistic Table Tent Mockup (PSD)

Table Tent Mockup

Keeping the customer interested is what businesses are all about. From retail stores to online businesses, it’s about constantly updating what you offer your customers. And when it comes to restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, that means adding new items to the menu and presenting good offers that can always be on display with table tents.

This table tent mockup from Mckups, created in 3353 × 4191 pixels resolution, can share a highly realistic presentation of your texts and illustrations. Whether it’s a combo meal offer or a personalized menu for special events, keep the options on the table and easily insert your graphics using the smart layer. You can use a white card for a classic display that puts focus on your texts or, if your projects are for special events menus or seating arrangements, you can change the colors using more colorful tones for the outer and inner sides of the tent.

Table Tent Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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