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Free Professions Vector Characters Part 03 (AI)

Professions Characters Part 03

We talk about respect a lot. We talk about how important it is to respect the elders. We talk about how important it is to respect women. We talk about how important it is to respect people from every walks of life. However, this last point is easily forgotten when it comes to respecting people from all professions.

In most parts of the world, the most desirable professions are still doctors and engineers. All other professions are either just worthless or treated with less dignity. There have been some changes about this opinion especially among young people in recent times, and we could only hope that this change spreads and we achieve a world where people are finally respected for whatever contributions they make to the economy and society, in their own way.

From Unblast, here is a part 3 of our professions characters series – featuring 6 characters modeled after people from 6 different vocations. This vector set features a chemist, an architect, a surgeon, a mechanic, a firefighter and a security personnel in all their glory. Available to download in AI format and easily editable in Adobe Illustrator, these vector illustrations are elaborate enough to work perfectly well as a standalone or be a great part of a bigger illustration with more elements in it.

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