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Free Profession Vector Characters Part 6 (AI)

Profession Vector Characters

All jobs, depending on their level and domain, demand different requirements including degrees, previous experience, and skills. Some of these requirements are harder to meet than others, but there is one thing that every job needs, professionalism, and that means having both a professional attitude and attire.

We can’t give you plenty of advice on the former, but when it comes to the latter, we’ll happily share a visual guide with Unblast’s new profession characters. Instantly add the set to your collection and create helpful brochures, online guidelines, flyers, and posters. And since they’re colorful all around, you can use them for packaging for kids games, Halloween outfits, or educational cards. Provided in vector format, all the illustrations are easy to edit and resize, so both beginners and professionals can make use of their lovely smiley features.

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