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Free Presentation Folder Mockup (PSD)

Folder Mockup

With current squeezes on corporate budgets, printing presentation folders can be a much more cost-effective way to present your marketing message than a corporate brochure. Infinitely more flexible, when you print presentation folders you can fulfill a number of different functions, which range from business identity and cost-effective advertising to personalization and first impressions.

Every business has its share of paperwork, and you can make yours more enticing with this stylish presentation folder mockup, designed by Mockups Design. Prepared and offered in the form of 5 high-resolution PSD files, the mockups effectively showcase the design of your presentation folder in different states, from different angles. You can easily edit the mockups and insert your designs using the smart object feature in Photoshop, which is made even easier with a systematic organization of the different isolated layers. The mockups are suitable for all forms of presentation, whether the medium of choice is graphic or print. And all this for no cost at all, giving you all the more reason to go ahead and design your own presentation folders today!

Folder Mockup 1

Folder Mockup 2

Folder Mockup 3

Folder Mockup 4

Folder Mockup 5

Folder Mockup 6

File Adobe Photoshop
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