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Free Practicing Social Distancing Illustration (AI)

Social Distancing Illustration

Keeping a distance from other people is unfamiliar territory for most of us. It feels awkward and unnatural. We’re not sure what to do and on top of this, the goal posts appear to shift daily as we grapple with the changing landscape of this coronavirus pandemic.

Limiting our contact with people will slow down virus transmission and flatten the epidemic curve so that we can reduce the number of cases occurring at the peak of the epidemic. The aim is to lighten demands on the health system when the epidemic is at its peak, so all of those needing help can get it, and we save lives.

Our vector illustration stresses upon the importance of social distancing with the help of visually appealing graphics. The illustration portrays 3 commuters on a metro, seated one seat away from one another. The seats they’ve left between them have been marked with red tape to assist people in practicing social distancing properly. They’re all wearing masks, like they should. The illustration can be put to good use by you – absolutely free of cost – through both your digital and print designs, in order to promote the noble cause and make it appealing to more people.

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