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Free PowerPoint Presentation Template (PPT)

PowerPoint Presentation Template

Jerry Seinfeld made a skit where he points out that studies show speaking in public is a bigger fear than death. This means that, at a funeral, he claims that you are better off in the coffin than have to deliver the eulogy. While there isn’t much to help straight away to melt away stage frights and anxieties, simply making the presentation engaging and better is a great way to start.

Making a stellar presentation is an art form, and we have this free PowerPoint (PPT) template courtesy of Yulia Simagina for you to make that better presentation. The design is sober and professional with images in the right places not to make it look too serious. Use your background images and color to support your content to help your storytelling in IT, consulting, business, any topic really. Use it in a working environment to present a team update or goal, pitch internal projects, as it’s completely customizable. With 30 slides, easy-to-use layouts, and graphic files, impress your audience with both your visuals and message.

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